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Gently & Stunning & Gorgeous Occasion Dresses

Gently & Stunning & Gorgeous Occasion Dresses Hollywood stars all the time impress and stun the world with their stunning evening appears on the red carpet at award season. The lengthy flowing chiffon skirt overlays an attractive mini skirt giving this formal gown for promenade the proper diva look for the girl who desires to …


Toughen Up!

If you are tolerating too much from your people, maybe you are really nice, or … maybe there is something else going on. As described in previous posts, perhaps: You don’t want people to think you are bossy—you don’t think people like to be bossed around.  You’re afraid of damaging the relationship or de-motivating the …


The Freedom Fighter’s Dilemma

You may recall in previous posts we’ve talked about BLM—Be Like Me—syndrome. It refers to the tendency to assume your colleagues and employees think like you, share your point of view, and will respond to things the same way you do. This results in the expectation that your employees will read your mind and know …


Captain Empowerment

I am, by profession, an executive coach.  Part of the job is to advocate fiercely for the client’s best self and champion possibility.  I am often asked “What do you do if you don’t think the client is capable of accomplishing the goals they’ve set?” My answer is always “who am I to judge?”  It …


Turn Heads With These Promenade Gown Styles By Stephanie Larkin

Turn Heads With These Promenade Gown Styles By Stephanie Larkin The 2015 promenade collection to hit the market affords glamorous and classy clothes at an reasonably priced price for Prom 2015. Brief prom attire are a sensational selection to your promenade, homecoming, or cocktail attire We have a fabulous number of short promenade gown, halter …

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